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Please note: All schools listed below are currently participating Operation Hat Trick institutions.

Please contact your local collegiate bookstore/retailer/Athletic Department for dates of availbility on hats for your college or university




University of Cincinnati

The Citadel

Clemson University

The University of Delaware

Eastern Illinois University

George Mason University

George Washington University

Georgetown University


Georgia State University


Marquette University


Marshall University


McNeese State University




Middle Tennessee State University

The University of Notre Dame

The University of New Hampshire

Old Dominion University

Providence College

 Stephen F. Austin University

Southern Illinois University

Temple University

Tulane University

The University of Tulsa

The University of South Florida

              The United States Air Force Academy

Arizona State University

  Boston College

Boston University

Brigham Young University

The University of Central Washington

Fresno State

  Louisiana Tech University Louisiana State University
University of Nevada University of New Mexico
The University of North Texas

Northern Arizona University

Penn State University

Rice University

San Diego State University

Southern Methodist University
             The University
of Connecticut

The University of Louisiana Lafayette

The University
of Florida
Florida State University       

The University of Nebraska

  West Virginia University

Colorado State University 
   The University of Massachusetts
  The University of Massachusetts at Lowell


 The University of Montana

Syracuse University


Bowdoin College

  Cal Berkeley

University of Wyoming


Vanderbilt University


University of Georgia


James Madison University

University of Arizona


  Eastern Michigan University


Idaho State University


Oregon State University

University of
South Carolina


Southern University


The University of Tennessee

Texas State University

Univeristy of California, Davis


The University of Louisiana
at Monroe

Western Kentucky University

The University of Pittsburgh


The University of Mississippi

Virginia Commonwealth Universit

United States Naval Academy

Appalacian State University

Brown University


University of Miami

Northeastern University


North Carolina
State University

  Western Michigan University

Dartmouth College
University of Alabama


Baylor University


University of Vermont


California Polytechnic State University

The University of Maine

Colorado College
The University of Wisconsin


University of Missouri


The University of
North Carolina


The University of Kansas


University of Kentucky

Wichita State University

Illinois State University

University of Colorado Boulder